Rev Irv’s Blog – Easter Celebrations

The beauty of the cross – physically and spiritually – observed and felt at the Easter service at Third Church

I was blessed to preach at Third Church Middletown on Easter. I witnessed an awesome moment when members of the church came forward to place flowers on the cross representing the beauty of the new day, the third day Jesus spoke of when he would arise. Decorating the cross – symbolizing the shift from the agonizing death of Jesus on Good Friday to his resurrection on Easter morning bringing new hope for the future. I believe that in reliving this event each Easter we are reminded not to allow the darkness and chaos of our current world events space in our hearts, but rather to celebrate new life, hope, love, and joy as we seek peace for our world in Jesus Christ.

Flutist accompanies Neil Dokurno, the Minister of Music playing the organ

Music and singing are essential elements of Congregational worship today. I have heard it’s often said that “music is the universal language” that unifies people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, traditions, theology and economic status. It is one way we can praise our God lifting the vibes of our hearts and our thoughts to our creator with voices collectively singing sweet melodies of love.

Joyfully posing next to the cross of flowers.

Third Congregational church of Middletown Connecticut is pastored by The Rev. Julie Olmsted who began serving as the Interim mid-March of this year. Rev. Julie asked me to preach Easter Sunday as she fell ill during Holy Week. I was pleased to assist and appreciated the opportunity to serve Christ on this most holy day. May you always carry the joy and hope of Easter in your hearts throughout the year.

Blessings, Irv

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