2022 Annual Meeting

Dear Brothers and Sisters (Delegates and Pastors),

The Annual Spring Annual Meeting is “in person” at Preston City Congregational Church in Connecticut. This is the first in person meeting since the beginning of the pandemic. I hope you will seriously plan to attend. Sandy Dudek, the church administrator and I have been working on this “celebration” since the first of the year. I am sure that many of you have missed the wonderful gatherings of the Fellowship.

I have invited some special people to share with us including our National Association’s Executive Director, Ashley Cleere who has brought amazing new energy and vision to the NA. I have also invited representatives from the Bombyx Center for Arts and Equity nonprofit now housed at the Florence Congregational Church to share their vision presented to the church last summer. This group is bringing a unique transformation to the church and community of Florence. Sandy has arranged for a delightful chicken barbeque for our dinner. This includes salads, drinks, and a delicious dessert. If you are possibly worried about the residual effects of COVID, we are planning to meet outside in the pavilion which is a large open structure in the “Field of Dreams” at the church with lots of fresh air.

This is the official “Call to Meeting” of both the Fellowship of Northeast Congregational Christian Churches and the Ecclesiastical Society of Connecticut Congregational Christian Churches entities which are held simultaneously.

Here is the lineup of the afternoon of May 15th:

3:00pm Gathering and Missionary Tea (and coffee)

3:30pm Executive Director of NA, Rev. Dr. Ashley Cleere -words of greeting and vision

4:15pm Cofounders of Bombyx Center for Arts and Equity -sharing the ideas and vision for the Florence Congregational Church space. I have observed and participated in this transformation. It is an amazing time for the church. It is reuniting the church with the community and creating a new energy source for the membership.

5:00pm FNCCC Annual Meeting agenda (short and sweet)

5:30pm Preston City Congregational sponsored barbecue dinner

6:15-6:30pm depart for home

The May 15th meeting agenda is simple: We need to vote on the 2022-2023 budget recommended by the Executive Committee and presented by Treasurer Doug Loux and hopefully approve a couple of proposals from the committee.

If your church has a request or suggestion for this gathering, please forward notes to me prior to May 8th. I look forward to your in-person presence at this meeting on the 15th. Please do plan to come and represent your church.

Please RSVP me by May 1st with the number of people attending from your church. Please also note any allergies. As usual, your donation of $10 per person will defray the cost of the dinner. Please email me with your reservation for this grand celebration of congregational life, soon: ExecDir277@Gmail.com

Thank you


Irven, Moderator of FNCCC

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