Irv’s Blog – Ministers Connect at Convocation 2022

“Calling all Pastors and Ministry Partners”
Thirteen ministry souls joined together at the Camp Wightman Retreat Center in North Stonington Connecticut last month to relax and recharge the pastoral batteries following the long trek of ministry from Christmas through Lent, Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

Convocation Team 2022
Seminar/Workshop leader, Rev. Dr. Brett Younger pictured at the far right.
Worship leader, Rev Doug Gray is pictured in the far back in bright red (tallest guy). Folks arrived from Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Delaware.

Rev. Younger, formerly at preaching professor, offers great wisdom and insight while truly engaging with the attendees. All participants noted the theme, “The Joy of Preaching” was truly refreshing, moving, and needed given the two years of stress and struggle dealing with COVID. Rev. Younger drew all of us into the conversation encouraging us to share experiences of preaching, “tell me, what about preaching brings the joy? Is it the discoveries made when preparation? Is it the stories of life you encounter and later weave into sermons? Perhaps it’s the quiet reflection time with the Lord? Maybe it’s the response of a member in church, or your experience and interaction with the Holy Spirit?”

Did I mention the need for relaxation and good conversation? Yes, we had one wet damp day that moved us to build a crackling hot fire. Some would talk, others play games, and others snooze for a bit. Warm, toasty, and comfy.

Most of us were totally delighted by the camp staff meals. While at the camp we shared in nine meals together in the dining hall. Of course, breakfast is always my favorite of the day.
Um… “bacon, bacon, bacon”.

The large spacious dining hall included a great fireplace as well. The dining hall looked out over Billings Lake towards the west….
And what would a great Convocation retreat look like without an amazing sunset our last night. Good times, good friends, and beautiful worship all in one place.

Perhaps you might consider setting aside a little R&R for yourself next year?
You need it.
Your congregation needs you to nurture yourself, so you can nurture and care for them…. Best Irv

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