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Last Sunday I enjoyed a special “Palm Sunday” Service at the Union Congregational Church of Oakville Connecticut.  Rev. Carmen Cavallaro, the senior pastor delivered a timely sermon beautifully connecting us to Jesus’ trek into Jerusalem.  His words carried us to the streets of Jerusalem that were filled with thousands of people who had journeyed to the city for Passover.   I truly felt like I was in the crowded streets of the city with people and animals all around me pressing against me as we moved about.  (I have been there and know just how crowded the streets are firsthand.)

Pastor Carmen sharing his joy with my wife Brenda and his wife Diane.  Carmen is by nature a joy filled pastor with a deep devotion to his work as a servant of Christ.

The front of the sanctuary was gorgeously decorated with Palms including the fan with candles.  Each week a candle is extinguished as we Christians draw near to the cross where Jesus would give up his life for us.

A close up of the beautiful fan of palms

Pastor Carmen serves a flock of amazing people who are engaging and very interested in the lives of visitors.  Brenda and I were warmly welcomed.  Additionally, there was a very young boy in the service who made very joyful sounds of praise to the Lord.  He is truly a recognized blessing to the congregation. 

Best, Irven

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