Thursday, March 21, 2019

 We have been a regional association since 1958.


Our 37 member congregations believe that each local church is autonomous. 

Each church selects one voting representative to our Executive Board, which meets every other month, beginning in January. (Please see Calendar of Events)

Officers: Moderator; Rev. George Blair; Assistant Moderator; Rev. Averill Blackburn, 2nd Assistant Moderator; Rev. Norman Erlendson, Recording Secretary; Rev. Dr. Karen Roy, Assistant Recording Secretary; Douglas Loux, Fellowship Treasurer;  Rev. Jackie Ramos, Assistant Fellowship Treasurer; Rev. James Hill Jr., Ecclesiastical Society Treasurer; Assistant Ecclesiastical Society Treasurer, Rev. Jackie Ramos.

Standing Committees members:
Church Assistance and Development:  Rev. Ronald Lake; Douglas Loux; Rev. Stanley White and Gary Crump.
Budget and Investments:  Rev. Norman Erlendson; Rev. James Hill, Jr.; Rev. Ronald Lake, Douglas Loux; Rev. Dr. Ken Wildrick.
Church Services:  Rev. Norman Erlendson; Corrine Sternberg, Michele Blair and Rebekah Little.
Nominating: Barbara Erlendson, Rev. Jackie Ramos, Rev. Norm Erlendson, Rev. Susan Wyman. 
Pastoral Relations:  Rev. Norman Erlendson, Kay Page Greaser.
Personnel:  Rev. Stanley White, Rev. Norman Erlendson and Rev. James Hill, Jr.
Youth and Fellowship:  Brenda Gammon; Rev. Dr. Irven Gammon, Doug Loux and  Karen Reich. 
Congregational Women: Open


General meetings are held twice a year. Our Annual Meeting is held the afternoon of the third Sunday in May. Our Fall Fellowship meeting is held the third weekend in October. Locations change with each meeting.

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